Terms & conditions
  1. The #goodshot Lucky Draw (the "Lucky Draw") is organised by Goodman Asia Limited (“Goodman”). By participating in the Lucky Draw, a participant is deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions.
  2. The Lucky Draw is held within Hong Kong. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong and each Eligible Participant (as defined in Clause 3 below) submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong.
  1. Save and except for those parties referred to in Clause 5, the Lucky Draw is open to all Hong Kong residents who meet the following criteria (each, an “Eligible Participant”):
    1. being a holder of a valid HKSAR Identity Card;
    2. having attained the age of 18 on or before 2 September 2021; and
    3. having received two doses* of the COVID-19 vaccines under the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme implemented by the Hong Kong SAR Government on or before 31 August 2021. Both doses of the respective vaccines must be received in Hong Kong.
  2. * For persons previously infected with COVID-19, they will be eligible after having received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in Hong Kong (subject to meeting the other criteria listed above).
  1. Any person considering whether to take a COVID-19 vaccination are advised to consult their doctors and seek medical advice as to whether a COVID-19 vaccination would be appropriate for them in light of their personal health conditions and to properly understand and be advised in relation to any potential risks or side effects. Any person considering whether to take a COVID-19 vaccination shall have sole responsibility for such decision.
  2. Employees of Goodman Group (including any of its wholly owned subsidiaries), as well as their immediate family members (which include any spouse, partner, sibling, parent, child or dependent) (the “Family Members”) are not eligible to participate in the Lucky Draw or win any of the prizes. This restriction also applies to staff members of the agents and service providers, including their respective Family Members, directly involved in designing, planning or implementing the Lucky Draw.
  1. Eligible Participants must register via the Lucky Draw website at hkgoodshot.goodman.com using registration e-form in order to enter the Lucky Draw and must provide their personal information (including full name, first 4 digits of their HK Identity Card number, Hong Kong mobile phone number and e-mail address) in order to successfully register.
  2. Registration starts at 10:00 (Hong Kong time) on 13 July 2021 and ends at 23:59 (Hong Kong time) on 2 September 2021. Submission time is based on the time of receipt on the Lucky Draw website.
  3. Upon successful registration, each Eligible Participant will receive an e-mail confirmation of the registration and can each get one (1) Lucky Draw chance. Any duplicated registration will be disregarded and will not be entitled to more entries to the Lucky Draw.
  1. A total of 30 Lucky Draw winners will be randomly drawn among the registered Eligible Participants by computer.
  2. Reserve winner(s) will be drawn on the same day to replace any winner(s) subsequently disqualified.
  3. A total of thirty (30) prizes will be randomly allocated by computer to the winners as follows:
      Prizes (HK$) Number of Winners
    Grand prize A Tesla Model 3 Long Range
    (Total value: Over $600,000)
    2nd prize $20,000 Lane Crawford vouchers
    (Total value: $80,000)
    3rd prize $20,000 Dairy Farm selected merchants vouchers*
    *Comprising $5,000 vouchers each from 7-Eleven, Manning's, Market Place by Jasons and Wellcome 
    (Total value: $60,000)
    4th prize $16,000 Don Don Donki vouchers
    (Total value: $80,000)
    5th prize $15,000 hana-musubi vouchers
    (Total value: $60,000)
    6th prize $15,000 Vitasoy vouchers
    (Total value: $45,000)
    7th prize $10,000 HONGKONG Suning vouchers
    (Total value: $20,000)
    8th prize $10,000 IKEA vouchers
    (Total value: $10,000)
    9th prize $10,000 Indigo Living vouchers
    (Total value: $10,000)
    10th prize $10,000 Maxim's vouchers
    (Total value: $20,000)
    11th prize $10,000 Sasa vouchers
    (Total value: $20,000)
    12th prize $10,000 Tavolo Kids Living vouchers
    (Total value: $10,000)
    13th prize $10,000 ZARA vouchers
    (Total value: $10,000)
    Total value over $1,025,000 30
    Remark: The use of voucher is subject to the terms and conditions imposed by the suppliers.  
  1. The Grand Prize of a Tesla Model 3 Long Range includes the First Registration Tax and Home Charging Installation, but excludes any insurance premiums or other costs, local transportation cost, subsequent registration fee, license fee, other self-chosen car accessories, spare parts and maintenance fee and servicing costs. Model and colour of Tesla Model 3 Long Range will be subject to the final discretion of Goodman Asia Limited, which may not be necessarily the same as reference photo shown. The winner of the Grand Prize must be aged 18 or above and will be required to sign another sales order with the supplier. The transfer of the car must be completed on or before 31 December 2021. The Grand Prize winner will be responsible for the additional First Registration Tax should there be any, if the car is not for any reason transferred on or before 31 December 2021.
  2. The results will be announced on the Lucky Draw website and will be published in The Standard and Sing Tao Daily newspapers on 10 September 2021. Goodman representatives will contact each individual winner by telephone, SMS and e-mail using the details provided at registration.
  3. No Eligible Participant may win more than one prize.
Prize redemption
  1. Each winner is required to redeem the prize in person at the designated venue according to the instructions provided to him / her by Goodman. At the time of the redemption of the prize, the winner is required to prove their eligibility to Goodman, including presenting their original Hong Kong Identity Card and the original hardcopy and/ or electronic record of their COVID-19 vaccinations issued by the Department of Health of the Hong Kong SAR Government.
  2. Failure to prove their eligibility to Goodman or provide the required personal identification documents will result in the disqualification of the winner and forfeiture of the prize.
  3. If a winner is subsequently disqualified or found to be ineligible for the Lucky Draw, Goodman reserves the right to withhold the prize, or reclaim the same if awarded, and award it to a reserve winner.
  4. All prizes cannot be sold, returned, transferred or exchanged for cash. Goodman will neither guarantee the products and services provided by the suppliers nor take any responsibility for any consequences of using the said products and services. Winners agree to abide by the terms and conditions provided by the suppliers of the relevant prizes.
  5. All winners must redeem their prizes by 31 October 2021.  Any winners who have not redeemed their prizes by 31 October 2021 will be considered to have waived their entitlement to claim their prize. No correspondence or claims will be entertained in the event of such forfeiture. A winner whose prize has been forfeited shall not be entitled to any payment or compensation whatsoever from Goodman.
  1. None of the parties involved in the Lucky Draw (including without limitation, Goodman, and their respective group companies, associates, shareholders, directors, officers, employees, agents and advisers) shall have any liability or obligation for any damages, losses, claims, liabilities, deaths, medical conditions, costs or expenses incurred or suffered by the Eligible Participants or any other persons as a result of their COVID-19 vaccination or participation in or winning of the Lucky Draw.
  2. Goodman has the sole and absolute discretion in, based on Clause 3 and 5 (inclusive), determining a person's eligibility to enter the Lucky Draw and/or receive any prize.
  3. During this promotion, if registered data or winning notification are lost, inaccurate, unidentifiable or damaged as a result of any computer, network, telephone or technical issues, Goodman shall not have any legal liability if the participant is judged as disqualified and the participant cannot object.
  4. The registration site gives rise to no statement, representation or warranty, express or implied, nor any guarantee that the site is secured or free from viruses or other malware. Under no circumstances will Goodman be responsible for any consequences of the success or failure of participating the Lucky Draw.
  5. No person will have any right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance to enforce or enjoy the benefit of any of the provisions of these terms and conditions.
  6. In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the Chinese and English versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.
  7. In case of any disputes arising from the Lucky Draw, the decision of Goodman shall be final and binding.
  8. Trade Promotion Competition Licence Number: 54417
Personal data
  1. All data collected during registration will be (i) collected in accordance with the Goodman privacy policy (https://www.goodman.com/hk/privacy), (ii) only used for purposes relating to the Lucky Draw, (iii) properly stored and encrypted by a computer, and (iv) destroyed 45 days after the Lucky Draw concludes.
  2. Information (including personal data) collected during the Lucky Draw campaign may be disclosed and transferred to the data processor or other agents of Goodman who are engaged in relation to the conducting or monitoring of the Lucky Draw and only for such purposes. Such information will be properly stored and encrypted, and will be destroyed 45 days after the Lucky Draw concludes.